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7410 SW Oleson Road, Suite 102, Portland, Oregon, 97223, United States

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Company Representation, Distributor Representation, FTC Issues, Legal Issues, Product Liability Claims, and Termination Issues

Sylvina Consulting

Sylvina Consulting develops and reviews new business concepts, business plans, budgets, marketing plans, strategic and operational plans, recruiting strategies, starter kits, compensation plans, hostess rewards programs, marketing collateral, training materials, policies and procedures, forms, and catalogs. Sylvina also provides information technology consulting services, including business requirements analysis, software and vendor evaluation, software design, data migration, and project management. Executive search and specialized projects are also available.

The Sylvina Difference

Direct Selling Experts

Since 1986, we have worked with hundreds of direct selling, network marketing and party plan businesses of all shapes and sizes, from a one man band with a great idea to multinational corporations with more than $1 billion in annual revenues.

From Seed to Mighty Oak

We have provided consulting services to early stage startups, young companies, and established businesses in the USA and other countries throughout the globe.

Freedom of Choice

Instead of promoting a “one-size-fits-all” package of consulting services, we offer our clients the freedom to select only the services they decide are needed.

Developer or Advisor

You decide the extent of our role in helping you. We can develop the deliverables that you need, or we can serve as an expert advisor by reviewing and improving your materials.

Fast Responders

We respond to telephone calls, text messages, and emails very quickly. You won’t wait days to hear back from us.


We work with clients with budgets of all sizes.

Forest and Trees

We focus on both the big picture and the details. Both are important.

No Exclusive Alliances

We don’t steer clients exclusively to one software provider or to one direct selling attorney.  We can suggest to you multiple sources of support in many areas, none of which compensate us for introductions.

Optional In-Person Meetings

While we meet in person with our clients from time-to-time, the bulk of work is performed in our offices and we communicate regularly by telephone and email.

Stay Home

We don’t require that clients travel to visit with us in our offices. When meeting in person is requested, our president Jay Leisner travels to the client’s location so that the entire client’s team can attend and participate.  Our in-person meetings with clients permit the largest client participation at the lowest cost.

We have written a comprehensive and powerful 250-page book, Start Here: The Guide to Building and Growing Your Direct Selling Company which contains not only the answers to many of the questions asked by new and young direct selling companies, but also a road map to guide you in the development of your company.

Our book will  do more than just save you money and time.  It will tell you what to do, what not to do, and teach you what you need to know to have a successful direct selling company.