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Profit Leads University

Dear Networker,

If you’re going to succeed in your business, you have to insure your lead supply. Profit Leads University is an excellent way of doing so.

As an introduction to our program, we are offering you a chance to get a copy of our new book on Amazon (in ebook format) and 25 of our Telephone Interviewed Leads!

Your Monthly Leads Package Will Include the Following Fields:

– First & Last Name
– Phone Number
– Email Address
– City, State, Zipcode
– Best time to call
– Agent they spoke with
– Gender
– How much money a month they’d like to make
– How much time they can spend each week on the business

Plus, we also replace any bad phone number, or undeliverable e-mail FREE of charge!

As soon as you join Profit Leads University you’ll have a regular monthly flow of good, solid prospects you and your group can recruit
into your primary program…and fast!

Plus, we’ll teach you how to contact these leads so you get the maximum sign-up rate!