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Emily Trainor

Orbis Consulting Services


453 E Green St., , Westminster, Maryland, 21157, United States

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Orbis Consulting Services


A desire to share a wealth of knowledge and experience obtained in an extensive and fast-moving career in Direct Sales is where the dream was born. After gaining experience from working with a multi-channel network marketing company through momentum growth and then multiple start-up companies, it was time for that dream to become reality. In 2017 Orbis Consulting LLC was created to assist businesses with operational and strategic support aligned with their goals.

It is the company’s mission to provide knowledge and expertise through operational strategy consulting to help clients maximize time, money and effort through offering not only planning but execution assistance. The goal is to not only lead clients through major change projects, but to support the successful achievement of those projects’ objectives.

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Emily Trainor

Emily Trainor has over 10 years of Direct Sales and multi-channel operational experience. Having successfully led the operational launch of two startups along with experience creating operational improvements and efficiencies for Fortune 500 companies. Emily’s considerable operational and strategic sales experience allows her very quickly to identify solutions to problems.

She has the innate ability to identify trends, create sales strategy recommendations based on data and analysis, and execute on those strategic plans. Today, Emily shares her expert knowledge obtained in the areas of inventory management, support systems, compensation plans, recognition, incentives, and process documentation for startups and established companies looking to create efficiencies.

Emily is very passionate about her consulting business and providing the most comprehensive service for all her clients. The ability to leverage her wide range of experience to assist in many different facets of the business allows her to see a complete picture of the business and the needs of each client. She looks at every client as a unique opportunity to not only share her knowledge and expertise but also to learn and grow with the client from the project. If you’re looking for a personalized experience with a partner that is committed to success, look no further.