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Miles Development Industries

D. Anthony Miles is an entrepreneur, award-winning researcher, award-winning professor, statistician, legal expert witness and best-selling author. Dr. Miles is a nationally known expert in the fields of Entrepreneurship and Marketing. He is a startup and marketing expert. He has appeared in the national media for his expertise. ? He is CEO and Founder, of Miles Development Industries Corporation®, a consulting practice and venture capital acquisition firm. He is also host and executive producer of Game On Business Talk® Radio Show.

EXPERIENCE: He has over 20+ years in the retail industry, banking, and financial services industry. He has held positions with Fortune 500 companies. He developed the business plan for Brooks AFB/City-Base, which was BRAC’d. He has extensive years of experience consulting startups; and 11+ years of experience as a statistician in marketing research, analytics, survey design, data collection, and focus groups.

MEDIA EXPERT/LEGAL EXPERT WITNESS: Dr. Miles is a nationally known business expert in the media. He has been featured on nationally syndicated media outlets such as: Forbes, CBS News, NBC News, Fox News, The Debbie Nigro Show, Money Matters with Chris Hensley, The Earl Cobb Show, The Michael Dresser Show, and numerous others. He is also a legal expert witness, provides expert testimony on business scams, false advertising claims and trade dress. He provides testimony for local, state and federal cases; both civil and criminal cases.

BOOKS: He is a best-selling author. He has written two books, Risk Factors and Business Models and Entrepreneurship and Risk. Forthcoming book, How to Get Away with Murder in Marketing: Forensic Marketing.

RESEARCH: He is an author and researcher that is well published in numerous academic journals. His most popular research is his marketing research on social media and consumer behavior. He is an editorial board member with 10 academic journals.

AWARDS: Dr. Miles has won numerous awards for his research in business. He is a four-time winner of the Academy of Business Research Conference (ABR) Award for best research in Marketing and Economics.

* Won Best Research in Marketing Award at the 2017 ABR Conference;
Won the 2010 Teaching Excellence Award from the Texas A&M University System Board of Regents, as one of the top 25% participating faculty in 11 universities in the A&M System.
Won a fellowship for his doctoral research with the 2009 USASBE Doctoral Consortium, while completing his Ph.D.; He was selected as one of 17 distinguished doctoral researchers.

Dr. Miles’ areas of expertise are in two primary fields:

* STARTUPS/ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Startup ventures, Startup companies and Business Ventures; Business Modeling and Business Models; Business Fraud, Business Scams and Criminal Enterprises; Venture capital and acquisition.

* MARKETING: Marketing, Market Research, Statistics & Surveys, Marketing Models; and Data Collection; False Advertising; Advertising Claims and Product Claims; Trade Dress and Packaging; and Forensic Marketing (Business Forensics).

Ph.D/MBA,Entrepreneurship/General Business, University of the Incarnate Word; MBA, International Business, Our of the Lake University; BBA, Marketing, University of Texas at San Antonio

-Certified Chartered Marketing Analyst (CMA)™
-Registered Business Analyst (RBA)™
-Master Business Consultant (MBC)™
-Management Consultant Professional (MCP)™

-Ph.D/MBA in Entrepreneurship/General Business, University of the Incarnate Word
-MBA in International Business, Our Lady of the Lake University
-BBA in Marketing, University of Texas at San Antonio