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Live Lead Store

Live Lead Store is 100% committed to delivering quality (Australian) leads

Q1: Are the leads we receive exclusive?
A: Leads generated in a campaign can be delivered from 1-4 businesses in total. So one lead you receive may be exclusive, while another might have been delivered to 2 others, another to 1 other and another to 3 others.

Q2: Are leads generated delivered to more than one person from the same company?
A: The leads we generate are never sold to more than one person from a single company.

Q3: Can I only receive leads from a certain city or state?
A: Yes, using the exclusion filters you can effectively only receive leads from a certain area. This is done by blocking out any states you don’t want to receive leads from.

Q4: What else can I block with the exclusion filter?
A: You can use the exclusion filter to block email addresses, names, gender, and low or high budgets. Any word which may appear in the survey data you can block to create a truly custom campaign.

Q5: Do you replace leads with bad details?
A: We replace all leads with incorrect, incomplete or fraudulent details. Unfortunately we will not replace leads that are not interested in you particular business/industry or who don’t join you as customers or associates.

Q6: What is the process for replacing bad leads?
A: To replace bad leads we have a reporting system in the back office. It is under the ‘view leads’ tab. Leads are then sent to us through this system and then reviewed.

Q7: Do you oversupply or just replace bad leads?
A: We do both! With every order we oversupply you by 10%, and then any leads with bad or bogus contact details, we replace them one by one as well.

Q8: How much are your leads? I can’t find prices on the website.
A: All our current lead packages and prices are in your personal back office. Create a free account at