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Email Tracking

Hunter MailTracker

How does email tracking work?

Email tracking tools add an invisible image of one pixel inside the emails. This image is loaded when the recipient opens the emails which allows the sender to know when the email is opened.

Other information can be collected when the image is loaded such as the device or browser used (found from the user agent) or the location (found from the IP address).

Does MailTracker add a signature to the emails I send?

MailTracker never modifies the content of the emails you send in any sort, except to add the pixel required for the email tracking. You’re safe to send emails that look exactly like expected.

MailTracker will remain a free product without counterpart.

What does MailTracker store about the emails I send and receive?

MailTracker doesn’t store the recipients, subject or content of your emails. The only information we save when you send an email with the tracking activated is:

  • A message identification number;
  • A thread identification number;
  • The date it has been sent at.

This information lets MailTracker retrieve the tracking events of the corresponding emails when you navigate Gmail.

We don’t store anything about the non-tracked emails you send and the emails you receive.

MailTracker is different from most Gmail integration because it doesn’t require the permission to read and manage your emails in Gmail. It works only with the Chrome extension adding the tracking information when you use Gmail.

What information does MailTracker store about recipients?

MailTracker doesn’t store the email address of your recipient nor the content of the emails you send to them. The only information related to the recipients you send tracked emails to is:

  • The date of the opening events happening on the tracked emails sent to them.
  • The sending date of the tracked emails you send to them and these email’s identification numbers.
  • In some cases, the IP address from which the recipient opened the tracked emails. The IP address is only partially stored to make sure it’s impossible to identify the recipients precisely (the last part of the IP address is replaced by “0”).

Therefore, MailTracker does not store any personally identifiable information about your recipients.

I know my email was read, but MailTracker says it is not. Why?

There are two common reasons why an email can fail to track an opening:

  • Some email clients might block the images in emails from being downloaded or displayed. Since the tracking works by adding an invisible image to the emails, it disables the tracking. Most email clients allow users to define this behavior in their settings, but it’s usually not set by default.
  • Some additional browser extensions or software products can also block the loading of the tracking pixel.

Please also note that if you’re sending emails to yourself to test the tracking, it will not work as MailTracker prevents the senders to trigger tracking events from their own emails.

Why don’t I have the location of the recipient?

For privacy reasons, we don’t return the location of the recipients.

Only the time(s) the email was open and the type of device (computer, mobile or tablet) are available in the tracking detail.

How to deactivate the tracking with MailTracker?

When you send an email from Gmail and have MailTracker installed, the tracking will be added by default.

However, you can deactivate it manually to prevent the tracking by clicking the MailTracker icon at the bottom of every composition window in Gmail.

  • When the icon is green, it means the tracking is activated.
  • When it is black, the tracking is deactivated.

How can I uninstall MailTracker?

To remove the extension, click right on the icon in your browser then “Remove from Chrome…” and confirm the deletion. You can also remove it in the « Extensions » section in Chrome.

You can also delete your MailTracker account on this page.