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Envex.com, LLC


10808 S. Riverfront Parkway, #3061, South Jordan, Utah, 84095, United States

Category: MLM Expert Witnesses

Company Representation, Distributor Representation, FTC Issues, Governmental, Legal Issues, Other, and Termination Issues

Envex.com, LLC

Mr. Atwood has over 20 years of experience in operations and business development in the Direct Selling / Multilevel Marketing (“MLM”) industry. He has been involved as an Independent Distributor building sales and sales organizations in the field; in various executive roles (such as CCO, COO, VP Sales/Marketing, and CTO); and as an Advocate, Key Opinion Leader, and Gatekeeper for the industry. Mr. Atwood has spent considerable time in the development of custom software and database systems to run, track, and manage MLM companies; including the tracking of sales volumes and genealogies for the purpose of calculating commissions and bonuses.


Compensation Plan Architecture, Evaluation, & Explanation
Qualification & Commission Calculation Methodologies
Corporate & Field Compliance
Corporate Standards & Operations
Technology Standards & Design
Database Structures & Forensic Database Analysis
Genealogy Data & Tracking
Wrongful Terminations