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Direct Selling News

Direct Selling News, written and published by industry veterans, is a bi-monthly magazine that was introduced in September 2004. Written and published by experienced industry veterans, Direct Selling News features news and insights designed to help direct selling and network marketing companies’ top decision makers grow and manage their businesses. Each issue of Direct Selling News features headlines from around the globe that shape and shift the dynamics of the industry, updated regularly and available on both our main page and in our Making Headlines section. Perspectives and Innovations offers exclusive, unparalleled insight from respected business leaders and peers on how these and other contemporary issues are impacting business. Other recurring features available on the site include The Financial Report, created to keep busy executives up-to-date on the latest financial trends in network marketing. Also included is our exclusive Stock Watch, a bi-monthly look at the performance of direct selling stocks. Round Table covers news and events from the Direct Selling Association and brings together leading consultants and lawyers to discuss and examine the ramifications of the regulatory and legal issues affecting our industry. Similar issues affecting companies abroad are discussed and examined in our Global Landscape section.