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Comfort Solution Computing

Comfort Solutions Consulting is Koblenz’s IT Consulting and SAP Consulting was founded in 2015 to advise and support companies facing complex challenges in the area of tension between changing economic conditions and the development of information technology. Depending on the problem, we develop strategic IT scenarios, feasibility studies, or the actual adaptation needs of the ERP system under changing conditions for our customers and

  • Respond to the need of multinationals, to have in Germany and Africa a competent partner that can accompany their regional representations in all of the lifecycle of an SAP ERP system.
  • To enable SMEs in Africa to have a local partner who can accompany them in the acquisition of the SAP ERP system.

Our Mission

The main activities of CSC are:

  • SAP pre-implementation studies
  • Implementation of SAP All in One, SAP Security and Aithorization and E-Procurement Systems
  • Support of operations with SAP systems
  • Integration and modification of the SAP system systems
  • Maintenance of the SAP systems
  • Training in the use and support of SAP systems

Our approach is based on our values of listening, respect, trust, transparency, solidarity and finally fidelity.

  • Listening to your needs will enable us to develop your SAP business process practices while benefiting from “SAP Best Practices”.
  • The respect of your management rules and your budget will guarantee the implementation of your SAP solution at the functional and organizational level.
  • Your confidence will help us realize your SAP solution in line with your needs and expectations.
  • Our transparency will allow you to view SAP solution objectively.
  • Your solidarity will allow us to implement your SAP solution in the best possible conditions.
  • Our presence on your side in the long term is the best witness of our loyalty.
  • Since 2017 we have been developing MLM software and finally we have brought our own MLM software solution to the world. Our AYA MLM software is designed for worldwide network marketing. Expand as you wish. Our software supports you. our system has a base currency and you set the conversion key for an unlimited number of currencies. This way, world ers can pay with their currency. You can also translate the entire system into any number of languages. So every visitor can read everything in his language.

    CSC offers the best MLM marketing software solutions for national and international clients by integrating advanced and unique features. We adapt the mlm software to the needs and requirements of the customers. We have successfully integrated all types of MLM compensation plans such as Binary MLM Plan, Forced Matrix MLM Plan, Australian Plan, Party Plan and more. In additional services, we also offer consulting services, installation services, design services, customization services and data migration services.

    We can only give you an outline of the software that CSC has already programmed based on a Binary MLM Pan.