Infinitus Launches Healthy Food Brand

April 7, 2022 | Corey Augenstein


In an online launch event, Infinitus unveiled its new healthy food brand, Relax Raise, which currently includes four products. These health-oriented functional foods and snacks offer lean ingredients that are focused on providing ready-to-eat nutritious solutions.Infinitus’ new line was developed to serve the younger generation of workers who operate at a fast pace with high levels of stress and do not often have time to create healthy meals. The Relax Raise series of porridges, for instance, offer the convenience of a pre-packaged meal that only has to be torn open and heated.

Ingredient selection was a high priority in the development of the Relax Raise brand and its products are made without artificial coloring, flavoring or preservatives. To ensure a low calorie count while maintaining high nutritive qualities, the company’s Research and Development team used innovative technology like low-temperature baking and freeze drying to preserve taste while keeping calorie count low.

“With a growing segment of the youth demographic paying attention to their health, many traditional and snack brands have jumped on the health and wellness bandwagon, and are reaching young consumers through multiple channels,” the company wrote in a news release. “In line with Infinitus’ philosophy referred to as ‘Three Restorations and Four Habits’ (an approach to health rooted in Chinese wellness traditions that date back thousands of years), and in line with a new direction being taken by the company, the Relax Raise brand focuses squarely on the healthy snack field and provides young consumers with light food products that are both healthy and delicious.”

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