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Toni Bishop

Sooo who is this person

Wow Before I was introduced to KetoNAT

(You would have read my story previous if not search Toni Bishop in this group

Over the time of drinking ketones daily and rebooting most months

I have noticed so many habits and changes.

My mood has just soared

My energy and motivation is freakin out of control

I am becoming more and more confident

I couldn’t walk let alone excerise but I walk most days long distances plis hills!!  like I even do a few jogs just short bursts.

For these knees and ankles

This is insane!!!!

My goodness my sleep ðŸ’¤ how different now from sleeping 20 hours or more to now getting proper sleep for 6-8 hours with no napping is just crazy ðŸ˜œ it blows my mind ðŸ§

Not only do I not recognise myself my family are in awe to have me back and active.

Don’t get me wrong yes I have lost 50kg or so but my journey still isn’t over. I feel everyday it’s beginning

How can it be when I still have Fat to loose

I still have so much to achieve

Being consistent, changing my mindset and the support from this community is key ðŸ”‘