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Benefits of getting listed as an Independent Distributor Contact on MLM Insider

Great Exposure

MLM insider generates thousands of visits per month making it one of the largest and most trafficked websites catering to the MLM Industry. It is also one of the most respected websites providing support and training information for the network marketing business.

Searching Ease

Visitors will be able to find Companies with the following sorting methods: Search, Product Category, Location. This will save them time and will enable them to find your Company & Distributor listing quickly.


We only offer 5 Distributor Listings per network marketing company and they are each exclusive to one geographically important region of the world for the one-year term of the listing. These regions are:

  • North America
  • Europe
  • South & Central America/Mexico
  • Asia
  • Australia/NZ


Visitors to MLM Insider are serious. They are looking for great information on MLM and most visitors are looking for a great opportunity to get involved with it.

MLM Insider Endorsement

We strongly recommend to visitors the Distributor Contact listed under a particular company. We also promote them in Chat Rooms, Discussion Forums, through Search Engine Placement, and anything else we find effective in driving more traffic to the MLM Insider Company Directory to your benefit.