Start Year: 2016

Compensation Plan: Profit Sharing

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 Shopping Club

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Not a traditional MLM, this shopping company utilizes the Socialized Commerce concept In its simplest form, putting socializing and commerce together for the benefit of everyone.

In social media, you make connections with other people, who make more connections, and then each person creates content until a large network of individuals has been created that provides that content to everyone involved. Socialized Commerce works the same way, except instead of creating content, the users in the Network create commerce. So instead of getting the benefit of knowing what your friends are doing and vice versa, you all get the benefit of sharing in the money made through your collective effort.

Socialized Commerce is in many ways an extension of social commerce. Social commerce has been around for years. It’s the act of influencing others to buy products through online influence, and it is a multi-billion-dollar industry. What separates social commerce from Socialized Commerce, primarily, is where all of that money goes.

In social commerce, the money goes to the social media site. These social recommendations are very powerful, as studies have shown we are much more likely to listen to a recommendation from a friend than we are to make a decision based off of an advertisement. Consequently, businesses pay top dollar to sites like Facebook in order to promote their products on its platform in the hopes that the power of social commerce will take hold. There are ways for every day users to monetize this influence, but they are very limited in scope, apply primarily only to those with large audiences and extreme influence, and account for a very small portion of the money that is being made through these social interactions.

Socialized Commerce provides a platform, Trunited, dedicated to rewarding those who are responsible for the creation of that commerce. It rewards those who purchase on the platform and those who influence others to create more commerce.

Trunited shopping company pays on something called PayPlan360. This is based on company profits generated and your profit pool shares. Each profit pool share is generated by three things. Your personal purchases, group purchases and overall company profit. You do not earn on your organizational volume. That only helps you accumulate shares. Of course the higher number of people you sponsor in that purchase goes to building your profit share %


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