Shuang Hor

Shuang Hor

Shuang Hor

Start Year: 1987

Compensation Plan: Unilevel

CEO: Ku, Ping-Chia

  [email protected]

  (080) 022-1958

  No.68-16, Sec.3, Nanjing E.Rd, Zhongshan Dist, Taipei City 104, , Taiwan, Taiwan

Product Categories:
 Food, Nutritional Drinks, Nutritional Supplements, Skin Care, and Water Purification

Countries Operating in:
 Brunei, Hong Kong SAR China, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, and Taiwan

Shuang Hor

The company is based out of Taiwan and was founded by “a group of Taiwanese entrepreneurs”. In 1996 Double Crane Enterprises was “restructured” and renamed to Shuang Hor. I’m not sure why, but in Taiwan the official company website is still branded Double Crane Global.

Shuang Hor has branched out into Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Brunei, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Myanmar (operating as Double Crane Co.).

Shuang Hor market a range of lingzhi (ganoderma lucidum, also known as reishi mushroom) based supplements.

  • Shuang Hor Supreme – lingzhi supplement “accredited with dual certificates for health food that exhibits effectiveness in immunoregulation and liver protection”
  • Divine Ganoderma – lingzhi supplement “accredited with dual certificates for health food that exhibit effectiveness in delaying ageing and adjusting allergic constitution”
  • Shuang Hor Superfine Lingzhi – “suitable for nourishment when ill, for conditioning after an illness, and for post-surgery care”,
  • Shuang Hor Supreme Lingzhi New Generation – “contains six times more ganoderic acid than Shuang Hor Supreme lingzhi, suitable for those who require lingzhi in large volumes, for illness conditioning, and for post-surgery care”
  • Shuang Hor Lingzhi – general ganoderma lucidum supplement,
  • Shuang Hor Healthy Lingzhi Complex – “combination of the main ingredient Doublecrane lingzhi with pollen and lecithin


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