Start Year: 2020

Compensation Plan: Binary

CEO: Trent Walker

  [email protected]

  746 E 1910 S, , Provo, Utah, United States, United States


Product Categories:
 Discount/Savings Membership Program, Financial Services, Membership Club, and Shopping Club


We are a revolutionary financial movement that is shifting the power and profits from big business to the individual. Through the power of our network, we are able to leverage exclusive savings and drive greater income for all who wish to participate.

The key to sustainability for long term growth is to ensure we are not a one product company, that our members can build their own business centers, and take the marketplace environment to the next level. The answer to this is the Participation Marketplace, where members share in the profits of multiple revenue streams from our products and services. The compensation plan provides incentives for additional commissions and team growth.

As Rnetwork grows, so does our leverage in getting larger exclusive savings for our members.

Our motto is “the Bigger we get, the Better it gets”.


Kari Leggett

Company: Rnetwork
Region: North America

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