Qing Mei, Inc

Qing Mei, Inc

Qing Mei, Inc

Start Year: 2005

Compensation Plan: Unilevel

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  796 East Pacific Drive, Suite A, American Fork, Utah, United States, United States


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Qing Mei, Inc

A new era in natural health has arrived. No matter who you are or where you are in life, Qing Mei (pronounced Ching May) offers an opportunity for you to enjoy the most of what life offers. We strive to build healthy lifestyles and successful people. We are committed to supporting your life in all the ways that are important to you…including better health, meaningful social interaction, financial stability and emotional well-being. In short, we want you to prosper in all aspects of life, and we provide a pathway that makes it all possible. We are committed to the highest standards of excellence. The ingredients we use are backed by concrete science and founded on centuries of empirical knowledge. As you taste and feel the difference Qing Mei products bring to your life, you’ll have the opportunity to not only reach the goals you’ve always wanted to achieve, but to help others reach theirs as well.


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