QDynamics Global Corporation (Quantum Plus)

QDynamics Global Corporation (Quantum Plus)

QDynamics Global Corporation (Quantum Plus)

Start Year: 2008

Compensation Plan: Binary


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  +63 (02)-416-6511

  Unit A,B1-B2 Rizalina 2 Annex Bldg, #1675, Brgy. West Triangle, Quezon Avenue,, Quezon City, , Philippines, Philippines


Product Categories:
 Coffee, Nutritional, Nutritional Supplements, Personal Care, and Skin Care

QDynamics Global Corporation (Quantum Plus)

QDYNAMICS GLOBAL CORPORATION was established on January 31, 2008. Spearheaded by Dr. Delia C. Maceda, a Filipino Obstetrician-Gynecologist who has a noble vision in helping the medically-challenged and underprivileged Filipinos by formulating a mineral supplement which is highly effective, cost-efficient and purely Filipino-made.

Dr. Maceda, fondly called “Doc Del”, is an acclaimed member of the Filipino Inventors Society. She had undergone extensive training in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine here and abroad. After painstaking research, she formulated the company’s flagship product “QUANTUMIN PLUS™” and launched her own line of alternative health care and skin care products which are PROUDLY PINOY! “QUANTUMIN PLUS™” has helped thousands of people from all over the world, recover from their illnesses offering relief and alleviation from their medical condition.

QDynamics Global Corporation was an active sponsor of “Salamat Dok”, a long-running public service program of ABS-CBN in helping the masses who simply could not afford medical care. The company is relentless in the conduct of various “Haplos-Patak” Medical Outreach Programs serving the indigent ones including ethnic tribal groups. Several remarkable stories of healing and recovery have been documented from clients who have tried the product and who are now avid and loyal users of “Quantumin Plus™”.

Through the years, the company not only plays a role in one’s health but, likewise, in the financial state of our valued Stockists, Leaders, Distributors and working Staff. As a Team, we have grown to a considerable number of branches nationwide sharing “Health & Healing, Wealth & Wellness via “Quantumin Plus™”. We have more than 600 Stockists all over the country who ably manage and service their respective areas. Loyal Distributors and Leaders at QDynamics enjoy various rewards and incentives such as trips, car plan program, a lucrative compensation plan, rank advancement and other recognition programs. During major milestone events of the company, like Anniversaries and Thanksgiving Parties, Management raffles off a brand-new car as Grand Prize, which makes such events doubly exciting and eye-popping! The need for continuous training and development of the Distributors, Management and Staff are also central concerns of the company. These training programs are geared to polish skills and uplift Spirit, Mind, Heart and Body.

Dr. Maceda is now developing fresh and functional modern-day health and wellness products to meet the needs of our growing number of consumers worldwide made possible by the Company-owned manufacturing facility by the name of QDyna Nutri Manufacturing Inc. located in the heart of Quezon City.

QDyna Nutri Manufacturing Inc. is licensed to operate as a Food Supplement Toll Manufacturer and as such, follows directives of regulating bodies and strictly adheres to stringent principles of Good Manufacturing Practice. At QDyna Nutri Manufacturing Inc., Quality is the trademark of each manufactured product.

Presently, the company has maintained its success and is currently preparing to introduce Dr. Maceda’s phenomenal and life-saving products globally. Anticipation and healing will soon hit international shores and the first of the foreign countries to witness the power of this phenomenal miracle drops is the United States of America where our much awaited, U.S. SEC-registered, Company-owned Distribution Network under the name of USQ WELLNESS CORPORATION, will soon operate and have Las Vegas, Nevada as its Headquarters. The U.S. TRADEMARKS OFFICE has granted and approved our trade name MIRAMIN Q™ exclusively for U.S. distribution. Soon the first batch of MIRAMIN Q™ labels will be shipped to the U.S.

Apart from the U.S., “Quantumin Plus™” has, likewise, touched the lives of our countless clients in Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Spain, Papua New Guinea, London, Dubai, Australia, Canada, Israel, India, Germany and Italy, to name a few. Proof that this amazing product is a ray of hope extending to the four corners of the globe.


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