Puretrim Corporation

Puretrim Corporation

Puretrim Corporation

Start Year: 1994

Compensation Plan: Binary

  [email protected]


  25 South Arizona Place, Suite 500, Chandler, Arizona, United States, United States


Product Categories:
 Nutritional, Personal Care, and Weight Loss/Management

Countries Operating in:
 Burkina Faso

Puretrim Corporation

Puretrim (formerly Awarness Corp) Corporation has been involved with these programs since it moved its headquarters to Phoenix from Canada in 1996, when the company nearly doubled the contributions of the children, providing Christmas for nearly 1,000 kids. Since July 1995, Mark Tahiliani and now Puretrim Corporation have rendered continuous support to the World Vision Program. Through this organization, Tahiliani sponsors destitute children in foreign lands by forwarding donations to various World Vision branches around the world.


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