Start Year: 2018

Compensation Plan: Binary

CEO: Friso Poldervaart

  [email protected]

  228 - 238 Queen's Road, Suite 02, Level 12A, Enterprise Building, Hong Kong, , Hong Kong, Hong Kong


Product Categories:
 Ecological Fund Raising and Other


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Together we have one Mission: Save our Planet.
Our forest are disappearing, and our earth is dying. We can’t rely on a few organizations and donations saving our home. We are building an army that is dedicated full-time to the cause and members to achieve financial independence.

OXYGEN began in the hearts and minds of visionaries Friso Poldervaart and Johannes Bergstrom

Having achieved success in other enterprises, Johannes and Friso wanted to change the world, and make our planet a better place. Their biggest concern is the lungs of our planet: The rainforest. Today, organizations supported by donations are doing a noble, and great job to save our forests, and fight climate change, but it’s not enough. Johannes and Friso asked themselves, “What if people could devote themselves working for a better planet, and do the most important job in the world, AND get paid doing it?”, “What if we could create an army of people working for a better climate?”.
Eager to share their revolutionary idea, Johannes and Friso set out to create one of the best rewarding compensation plan in the direct selling industry. The result: A world wide revolutionary platform with thousands of members with only one mission: Saving our planet.

OXYGEN. Save Our Planet.


When you save one acre of rainforest, your contribution will fund land acquisition, legal fees, and security costs. This ensures that the saved acres will be protected as part of a designated land preserve. To commemorate your saved acre, you will receive a certificate documenting the number of acres you’ve helped to protect.

Healthy tropical ecosystems are imperative to maintaining our planet. Rainforests give us clean air to breathe, a stable climate, plants that produce medicine, and are home to thousands of animals, and people that depend on their protection for survival.

  • Receive a Certificate With Your Name
  • Clean the Air You Breathe
  • Offset Your Carbon Footprint With 20,000 Ton CO2
  • Save Hundreds of Animals and Plants
  • Help People Depending on Rainforest
  • Contribute to Better Weather


No trees no people. 80 Percent of the world’s forests are already destroyed. When you plant a new tree, it will be planted and maintained only in non-harvest (no logging allowed) locations protected by contract with high survival rates.

Trees create an ecosystem to provide habitat and food for birds and other animals. Trees absorbs carbon dioxide, and potentially harmful gasses, such as sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide from the air, and release oxygen. One large tree can provide a day’s supply of oxygen for four people.

  • Provide oxygen and reduce carbon dioxide
  • Increase atmospheric moisture
  • Provides habitats for thousand of animals
  • Re-charge groundwater
  • Provide food for animals
  • 1 tree removes 25 kg or carbon per year


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