My Lifes Simple (ReAction)

My Lifes Simple (ReAction)

My Lifes Simple (ReAction)

Start Year: 1999

Compensation Plan: Binary

CEO: Candice Hornaday

  [email protected]


  631 Brawley School Road Suite 300-162, , Mooresville, North Carolina, United States, United States

Product Categories:
 Cannabis Related Skin and Nutrition, CBD Oil, Nutritional Supplements, and PetCare

My Lifes Simple (ReAction)

If you’re looking for just another home-based business or just another CBD product, then keep looking. BUT if you’re looking for a company that was founded out of need, not greed…A company built on passion for a product that goes beyond CBD – and beyond what you thought you knew about it…Well then, you’ve found your home. Welcome to My Lifes SimpleTM– a company changing the home-based business landscape through an innovative product line that’s proving once and for all that all CBD is not the same.

My Lifes SimpleTM wasn’t founded out a desire to make millions of dollars. It was founded out of a need to help people create a better quality of life. Prior to starting My Lifes SimpleTM, the CEO, Candice, was a wife and mother who had no plans to become an entrepreneur – but life had different plans for Candice. She had already survived cervical and uterine Cancer but, out of the blue, in 2018, she was diagnosed with an Acoustic Neuroma Tumor. She decided to pass on the usual radiation treatments and instead focus on a more natural path. By January 2019, after zero radiation, her scans showed signs the tumor had shrank, and by the middle of 2019, she had no side effects, and was living a quality of life that would have never been possible with the negative and painful side effects caused by the typical treatments. From there, Candice became passionate about sharing her experiences and this more natural path she took with the world – and that’s how My Lifes SimpleTM was born.

Going Beyond CBD

By partnering with My Lifes SimpleTM distributors (known as Ambassadors) can market the innovative ReAction® product line. What makes these products special is what makes them different. Most CBD products on the market only utilize a small portion of the hemp plant, and the rest is waste. ReAction® goes beyond CBD by offering a full spectrum extract, which means these products utilize every part of the hemp plant – nothing is left behind. With a full spectrum product, all the extracts work together to maximize the therapeutic benefits. Additionally, every step of the ReAction® process is owned and controlled by the company – it’s grown from seed to stem, processed, produced and packaged by the company – all 100% in the U.S.

What if you as an individual could participate in what will soon be a $23.4 billion industry, by offering innovative products that are transforming the CBD game – products that can enhance the health and well-being of people you care about – all while getting paid simply for helping people live fuller, happier lives? Sound interesting? That’s what My Lifes SimpleTM is all about!


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