LMS Fragrances Company

LMS Fragrances Company

LMS Fragrances Company

Start Year: 2003

Compensation Plan: Party Plan

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  2000 de la Vina Street, Suite A, Santa Barbara, California, United States, United States


Product Categories:
 Catalog, Fragrances, and Other

LMS Fragrances Company

LMS Fragrances was founded with the vision of making fine perfume affordable by nearly everyone and distributing them through a team of highly motivated and ethically minded entrepreneurs. In doing so, we will enable nearly everyone, not just the affluent, to enjoy the experience and self-esteem of wearing real perfume and at the same time, create opportunities for entrepreneurial people to build a business of which they will be proud to represent. Our commitment is to build a company based on the highest ethical values and impeccable integrity. Our goal is to create an organization that is known for its standards of conduct and one in which a long-lasting relationship is sought and treasured by all its Customers, Employees, Independent Consultants, Vendors, and anyone else who comes in contact with LMS Fragrances.


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