Limu Company

Limu Company (Merged With Ariix)

Limu Company (Merged With Ariix)

Start Year: 2004

Compensation Plan: Unilevel

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  610 Crescent Executive Court, Suite 110, Lake Mary, Florida, United States, United States

Product Categories:
 Nutritional and Weight Loss/Management

Limu Company (Merged With Ariix)

Discover Original Limu, “nature’s gift to the immune system” and get a royalty on bottles sold. There is no better way to consume nutrition than with an all-natural, liquid seaplant supplement from the pristine Tongan islands. “We don’t just own the market…we ARE the market!”(available in 20 countries). It is making an extraordinary healthy difference in people’s lives. It is rich in FUCOIDAN, a powerful immune-supporting nutrient cited in over 500 clinical research studies. These suggest that Fucoidan may be one of the most exciting nutrients ever discovered to help our immune system survive in today’s world. See the scientific benefits for yourself at


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