Start Year: 1989

Compensation Plan: Group Break

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  8100 Keele Street, Suite 1000, Vaughan, Ontario, Canada, Canada

Product Categories:
 Nutritional Drinks and Nutritional Supplements

Countries Operating in:
 United States, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong SAR China, Italy, North Korea, Malaysia, Netherlands, Philippines, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, and United Kingdom


In 1989, Chairman & CEO David DeBora, founded Lifestyles International with the dream of creating a wellness company that would deliver innovative health products and a successful Business Opportunity. Today, David’s vision has propelled Lifestyles to the forefront of the wellness industry.

Lifestyles offers you the ability to access the growing health and wellness industry by becoming a Lifestyles Distributor. We offer a proven, world-class product line, established network marketing principles and unlimited support to ensure your success with our company.

The Lifestyles Opportunity is designed to help you achieve greater wealth, better health and more personal satisfaction than ever.

Lifestyles is one of the leading health and nutrition companies in the world, with the largest one headquartered in Canada. We’re a member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA) and have 30 years of proven success behind us.

Lifestyles has helped millions of people in more


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