Kaire International

Kaire International

Kaire International

Start Year: 1992

Compensation Plan: Stairstep

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  PO Box 2318, , Goldenrod, Florida, United States, United States


Product Categories:
 Home Care, Nutritional, and Personal Care

Countries Operating in:
 Aruba and Maldives

Kaire International

Back in 1992, before it was mainstream to talk about heath and wellness – there was Kaire. Kaire was the pioneer in the “Antioxidant Revolution” in North America with their original Pycnogenol formula, Maritime Prime. Kaire’s founders had a basic principle – produce the best products for the health of their own families before offering it to others. As this nation of smart folks who demanded better quality from their supplements grew, so did Kaire. By 1997, Kaire operated in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea. The very essence of a pioneer is constantly exploring new seas for exciting new supplements so… get on board, and hold on tight.


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