GX-Life Global

GX-Life Global

GX-Life Global

Start Year: 2016

Compensation Plan: Binary

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  2 Park Plaza, Suite 400, Irvine, California, United States, United States


Product Categories:
 Cosmetics, Nutritional, Personal Care, and Weight Loss/Management

GX-Life Global

JamboreeCenterGX-Life Global represents a new era in direct selling and affiliate marketing. We are a customer centric driven company with premium products. The founder of GX-Life, Michael Dunn, had a vision; it was originally to provide a healthy alternative to attain the daily energy needed for today’s hectic lifestyle. Initially, Mr. Dunn developed F.I.T.T. Energy gels with military personnel and athletes in mind. His winning formulations provided a healthy sustainable energy gel without the jitters experienced from highly caffeinated energy drinks. Later, he would also add ingredients such as the mood lifting St. Johns Wort to benefit the working parent or anyone else who needed to make the most out of every hour. Upon launching GX-Life, he re-formulated and perfected energy gels. We have expanded our product line to include nutritionals and beauty products with the same approach and guidelines; Safety First, Healthy Alternative, and Premium Products. Not only are we providing cutting-edge products to the world, we are the first company to incorporate the new, cutting-edge digital currency, GX-Coin, into our business model. As a subsidiary of a public company, we provide the information investors and Ambassadors need to make informed decisions. Our goal at GX-Life is to build awareness and a healthy lifestyle, one that we want for our friends and family.


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