Gemini Network

Gemini Network

Gemini Network

Start Year: 2017

Compensation Plan: Unilevel

CEO: Bill Ladwig

  [email protected]

  (972) 845-5333

  2930 Skyway Circle, , N Las Colinas, Texas, United States, United States

Product Categories:
 Cannabis Related Skin and Nutrition

Countries Operating in:
 United States and Canada

Gemini Network

Gemini is a subsidy of DynaMAXX International, a network marketing company that was co-founded by Bill Ladwig and Jay Archer. Ladwig and Archer are also the co-founders of Gemini, with Ladwig listed as the CEO of both DynaMAXX and Gemini. According to its website, DynaMAXX was founded with the idea of creating innovative products and selling them via network marketing. Gemini and its product line would also appear to fit this description.

n an effort to simplify things as much as possible, Gemini lists four ways to earn. The first, naturally, is retail sales. Much like similar companies, you buy Gemini products at the wholesale price, sell them at the retail price, and keep the difference. It’s also possible to earn commissions when customers order Gemini products from your replicated Gemini website.

The second method of earning income is through what Gemini calls Pak Bonuses. You will earn a bonus every time three of your sponsored members purchase product paks. The bonus is between $50 and $150 depending on what PAK is purchased. If this happens within your first 30 of joining Gemini, your Pak bonus will be worth a little extra.

The third method of earning is what Gemini calls the FloodGate Plan. This refers to monthly, weekly, and residual earnings based on your ranking inside the company. Your rank is based on three things:

  • Total group volume
  • Active customers and promoters
  • Personal volume

The bottom line is that you want to share Gemini products with people you know and encourage them to become product promoters, which will help to grow your volume and help you climb the ladder within Gemini.

The final way to earn with Gemini is called the Car Bonus. This provides Gemini affiliates with the opportunity to receive between $200 and $2,500 per month to put toward the purchase or lease of a luxury car.

Gemini’s five products are as follows:

  • Remedy – A natural hemp oil with more than 20 times the bioavailability of other hemp oils. It is produced from organically grown hemp and is designed support both body and mind health. $149 for 1fl oz bottle.
  • Revv – Includes a host of ingredients designed to boost energy, endurance, and physical performance, as well as aid in lean muscle development and weight loss. (No price available at this time)
  • Prime – A “green drink” intended to detoxify your cells, reduce stress, and improve cognitive performance. $55 for 30 stick packets.
  • Aura – Designed to improve your mood and mental alertness while helping to reduce stress and anxiety. $55 for 30 stick packets.
  • Basse – A supplement that supports healthy skin and hair and works to improve joint, bone, and cartilage health. $55 for 30 stick packets.



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