Felice Cafe

Felice Cafe

Felice Cafe

Start Year: 2019

Compensation Plan: Unilevel

CEO: Sheri Blackman

  [email protected]


  6094 Corporate Drive, Suite D, Ira, Michigan, United States, United States


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Felice Cafe

After being distributors for a combined 62 years and running their own Network Marketing Lead program at Profit Leads for 18 years, Robert & Sheri Blackman decided to put all their years of experience together in a brand-new program with several brand-new concepts with Felice Café!

Says Sheri:

“Robert and I have been discussing about starting our own product focused Network Marketing company for over 10 years. We’ve own and already operate a lead generating program called Profit Leads since 2001. We wanted more. We wanted to be able to build a business that could change the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. And, with leads we are able to help people, but not in the same way as we could with a product focused company.”

We chose coffee because we both love it! We drink it daily and are always trying new blends and new ways to make it.

It just made sense to use to start a company that was focused on coffee not only because 400 million cups of it are already drank daily, but it was an easy delivery system for any health and nutritional enhancements we wanted to add with it.

Says Robert:

“The fact that Sheri and I have been thinking of starting a company for over 10 years is true. But, we’ve both been frustrated as distributors for over 20 years. Why? Because nobody what company, product line or compensation plan we engaged in we had the same problem over and over again? What was that problem? We could make it work, but our organization had a difficult time duplicating us. Why couldn’t they duplicate us? Because, in my opinion over 95% or more that join as a distributor in Network Marketing are part-time. Yet, they are in a full-time income model. The deck is stacked against them. That frustrated the heck out of me. Over the last 20 years Sheri and I have been looking for a company that met the needs of the part-time rep. Not being able to find one, we decided to create a company that met all the needs we were looking for. That’s why we created Felice Café…with you in mind! ”

CEO – Sheri Blackman

Sheri has a combined 25 years in both the field and as an independent contractor and as a CEO at Profit Leads.

Having gone to high school in El Paso, Texas and college in Oklahoma Sheri began her career in the retail world. She climbed the ranks until she became a store manager with a top retailer and was wildly successful.

As the Mother of five children Sheri found it difficult to be involved with her children with “retail hours”. Knowing the power of Network Marketing Sheri set out to replace her income at her corporate job and worked hard in the evenings and the weekends and in just 12 short months she quit her job!

Now, she’s found the life/work balance she’s always dreamed of thru Network Marketing and is ready to help women and men all over the world experience the same thing.

President – Robert Blackman

Having grown up in Oklahoma all his life Robert was raised by two parents who were entrepreneurs. His Father ran a printing company and his Mother owned a Beauty Salon with 13 booths.

He saw firsthand how difficult running your own traditional business was. Plus, growing up in Bartlesville, Oklahoma he saw the difficulty of his friends’ parents working for a Major 100 company in Phillips 66. Knowing that the corporate world wasn’t for him and neither was traditional business Robert went on a mission to “find something else.”

At the age of 18 he joined his first Network Marketing company. He quickly discovered the wrong way to contact his family and friends and then turned to running ads and direct mail with his printing background. In 2000 Robert helped create one of the largest online groups ever built of over 80,000 people in only 18 months.

Robert quickly became an expert in both Warm Marketing and Cold Marketing. His 39 years of field and corporate experience he brings to Felice Café is unmatched by few, if any.His one-of-a-kind skillset of teaching and training will show you how to be successful in Network Marketing!

Robert & Sheri have authored two books on Network Marketing that are listed on Amazon and bring a unique dynamic of a husband-wife team not found anywhere else in the Network Marketing Profession.


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