Evart Network

Evart Network

Evart Network

Start Year: 2016

Compensation Plan: Party Plan

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  Martas iela 7, , Riga, , Latvia, Latvia


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Countries Operating in:
 Bulgaria, China, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, and United Kingdom

Evart Network

We are the international Evart Corporation that unites a whole range of profitable business directions. The corporation employs the best experts in IT, marketing and finance MLM leaders with great ambitions and capabilities in the international markets. Being relevant, innovative and global we start from where others strive to get for decades..

The revolutionary idea is that we are the first in history to combine IT, media, and MLM. The most in-demand content is produced in the private studios in Los Angeles, broadcasted at the Evart-TV private channel and Evart Radio, run by the Evart Media company. Today Evart Network has its representations in the USA, Great Britain, Bulgaria, Latvia, Turkey, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and China.

The Corporation is creating a worldwide network of TV screens by placing them in restaurants, cafes, stores, gyms and other public places. By means of the hi-tech Evart Box set designed and produced by the EvartTehnology, TV sets of clients all around the world are connected to the Evart-TV. This forms our audience.

So, the popularity of any TV channel depends on the number of people watching it. And the bigger the audience, the more expensive its broadcasting minute is.

Because the company makes money from every business case that it sells to its partners. It doesn’t spend money on the TV content as it produces its own one. At the same time, the company makes a significant profit from placing various advertisements in its broadcasting time.



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