Arego Life

Arego Life

Start Year: 2019

Compensation Plan: Unilevel

CEO: Jim Douville

  [email protected]


  730 S Sleepy Ridge Drive, , Orem, Utah, United States, United States

Product Categories:
 Brain/Memory Related, Immune System, Inflammation, Sex Related Products, and Weight Loss/Management

Countries Operating in:
 United States, Germany, and Japan

Arego Life

Over 40 years ago researchers studied field mice (prairie voles) to determine why they only reproduced during a short period of time during the spring. They discovered it was their diet; they were eating the early spring growth of grasses, called monocots.

Researchers were able to identify a specific group of polyphenols found exclusively in the young monocot plants. These polyphenols are adaptogens that naturally allow your body to modulate all serotonin pathways.

Serotonin, “the happiness hormone”impacts nearly every aspect of your health including sleep patterns, libido, mental health, organ function and much much more.

Soon after their discovery, the researchers realized that making these polyphenols viable for consumption was very challenging. The extraction and delivery processes were prohibitively expensive and impractical for the consumer.

After 20 years of research and development, Dr. Don Coplin discovered a process to improve extraction thus yielding higher levels of polyphenols, and most importantly- a delivery system that is convenient, practical and affordable for today’s consumer.


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