Start Year: 2016

Compensation Plan: Binary

CEO: Rod Jao

  (778) 728-0678

  6351 Westminster Highway, , Richmond, British Columbia, Canada, Canada

Product Categories:
 Nutritional and Nutritional Supplements


Led by global entrepreneur Rod Jao and the most decorated American winter Olympian of all time, 8x medalist Apolo Ohno, Allysian Sciences™ is guided by a diverse team of individuals who are experts in their own fields. From research and development specialists to world-class athletes, our team finds the very best methods, products, and training to empower others in being better at whatever they choose to do. The driving force was the belief that there had to be better products out there, ones that we could proudly provide to our family and friends and also utilize ourselves, while helping create life long wellness habits.

“We have extracted and reviewed well over 400 clinical trials, including in vitro studies, animal research, case-control, cohort, randomized control trials, and meta-analyses supporting the individual ingredients used in Mastermind™ from the last 35 years. Of these studies, approximately 150 were used by our advisory board and research team of medical professionals to analyze the efficacy of these ingredients on cognitive function. Our commitment to excellence and innovation has led us to surpass the standards found in the nutraceutical industry and led us to recruit a third-party clinical research organization to conduct a gold-standard independent, placebo-controlled, and randomized trial on the Mastermind™ formula itself.”


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