What People Get Wrong With Recruiting Online

November 22, 2019 | MLM Insider


I’m excited to talk about this today, because I think it’s a lesson that expands even beyond social media….
There’s a person who keeps messaging me on Facebook to tell me about their business.
They’re leaving comments on my posts, responding to my videos, and even private messaging me about what a great ground-floor opportunity it is.
They’re excited.
And they’re relentless.
Obviously they think I’d be a great partner for them in business, because they’re targeting me specifically. Repeatedly.
There’s just one problem…
I’m not a prospect for this person.
I don’t qualify as a lead for them. There’s nothing I have indicated to them that I need, or want, or don’t want in my life.
And yet, they persist, urging me to go watch their fancy recruiting video.
Point blank: they’re spamming me.
It wouldn’t matter if I were a superstar network marketer or a novice.
It wouldn’t matter if I were a stranger or a close family member.
And frankly, it wouldn’t matter if this was happening on Facebook, Instagram, email, at the mall, or at the Thanksgiving table.
“Spam” is an unwanted and unwarranted communication, no matter where it comes from. They’ve overstepped their bounds.
Here’s where so many people get it wrong. Here’s where their hunger and enthusiasm can actually harm them, and harm their relationships.
People begin to run the other way, and they get the exact opposite result of what they wanted.
That’s why I believe the single most important skill for a network marketer to master is the art of good communication: how to have effective conversations with people across every step in your pipeline.
#1 Professionals never recruit someone that doesn’t qualify
You might think that “qualifying” means whether they can afford your product or service, or whether they’re good at business or whether they’ve had some success in the past.
But that’s not it at all.
My definition is whether they qualify as someone you can help. And that means you have to know what they need, or want, or don’t want in their life.
Until that point, professionals never move to the next step of inviting them to take a look at your products or business.
#2 There are specific words and phrases that turn people off, and specific ones that turn people on.
Remember the person on Facebook trying to recruit me?
The first few times, I didn’t respond.
But they persisted…
“Tim, this is truly an amazing opportunity!”
“This product sells itself!”
“We could make millions together!”
These were the best words they knew to use to try and get me excited.
But let me ask you… if someone came up to you and tried that stuff, would you want to hear more? Or would your radar go off, alerting you to get away as quickly as possible?
So how do you attract the right kinds of people?
I can give you a long list of words and phrases to never use, and I can give you a formula for communication that works, but ultimately it’s not about a fancy hack or quick trick — it comes down to mastering a few basic principles of human nature.
When you get this dialed in, IT’S MAGIC. Because you’re using a tried and true formula with the natural personality and story that you have, and blending it into a presentation that’s compelling, it becomes infinitely easier to work your business since you don’t have to pretend to be someone you’re not.