Real Estate Success = Location, Location, Location”

January 30, 2020 | MLM Insider

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Real Estate Success = Location, Location, Location”

“Network Marketing Success = Exposure, Exposure, Exposure”

As a marketer I spend time studying trends and watching advertising campaigns.

I know that in the traditional Real Estate market, a rookie agent can make a big commission off a property if they get lucky with a listing.

I also know in Network Marketing a rookie distributor can get rich if they get lucky with a signup or two.

But, in reality, the long term income depends upon constant, never-ending exposure by you and your reps.

Bill Britt of Amway achieved the top of his pay plan, Crown Diamond, in both the USA and India. He achieved that in the states by sponsoring 55 people.


So, he was in a pay plan (stair-step breakaway) that rewarded him for sponsoring in depth…so he worked that tap root (hundreds of levels deep) by showing the plan for his team.

By doing so, he created loyalty and a following and relationships that paid him and will continue to pay his wife and kids millions of dollars a year in residual income.


Bill exposed the heck out of the plan…7-10 times a week.

With the age of the Internet we can flash checks, put up webinars, hold conference calls and claim you never have to cold call again, never talk to your family and friends again, automate your way to wealth.

That is true to a certain extent…but if that was the case 100% why would the companies need you and I?

Why don’t they just hire a “”geek” to do all the Internet stuff and automation and hire a face and voice on the cheap and cut you and I out?

Think about that for a moment.

Why don’t the companies just email everyone?

Why don’t the companies just voice broadcast everyone?

Why don’t the companies just BLOG on their own?

Why don’t the companies….

You get my drift.

The essence of Network Marketing is networking.

Your sphere of influence that you have is what I call:

“Relationship Equity”

You have an asset that nobody else has.

Like an “untapped oil field”.

Network Marketing is learning how to successfully tap into the residual wealth you already have at your fingertips.

Amway did $8 Billion world-wide last year.

They don’t blog.

Their reps don’t facebook or twitter.

Yet, there is a new set of people who don’t want to do it the old “Amway” way.

They are doing it differently with good results.

Only time will tell if what they are doing will “stick” or not.

I just started running ads again in Magazines after a five year retirement.

I’m amazed at the number of people who call me and are eager and interested, but they don’t have an email or computer!

Most didn’t even know who Amway is, nor did they care.

They wanted a free sample of our product and needed more money.

The new folks would discard those people. And, I understand why. They don’t fit into their model.

That’s okay, that’s neither right or wrong, that’s a choice of how they want to market their businesses.

I’m going to error on both sides.

Online and offiline.


Because when I look at the Top 100 Network Marketing companies last year not one of them is 100% online.

Stats don’t lie.

Now, will that change?

Maybe, but will it stick?

Probably not.

I’m sure there will eventually be a 100% online Network Marketing company that hits the top 100 list soon.

But, if that is the secret to success then the companies won’t need you and I.

They’ll just go 100% digital and infect the world from a laptop in Bora, Bora.

This type of discussion is like Religion.

Ours is better than yours.

You can only get to heaven if you are an “x” member of this church.

I’m a believer that all churches lead to heaven.

And, that all Network Marketing companies can lead to wealth.

And, as you know, religious debates can become very engaging.

And, as you know, network marketing debates can become very engaging.

The key is to “pick your pleasure” and go for it.

This last year I hung out with some big leaders in the profession in Las Vegas.

One did it the old way.
One did it the new way.

Both were successful.
Both had successful reps.

Both I liked and were drawn to their way of doing things.

I could have done business and worked with either person.


Because they were confident.
They knew where they were going.

They weren’t “wishy-washy”.

They were their own form of a “Bill Britt” in their perspective companies.

And, trust me, Bill Brill was the most un-politically correct person I’ve heard from stage!

If you want to succeed in Network Marketing you have to be willing to take a stand.

You have to be willing to be ridiculed for your beliefs, just like in a Religion.

It doesn’t matter what the compensation plan is, what the products are or how you market.

If you are not passionate you will not make it in the long term, unless you get lucky and sponsor A few people who do, it’s just that simple.

I spend most of my time prospecting and developing relationships via phone, email and mail.

That’s just my passion. That’s what I like and it works for me.

Do what you love and the money will follow.

Just be prepared, whatever path you take, that if you are passionate you will get resistance.

Don’t let that stop you…and if you are truly passionate about what you do, it won’t!