MLM Insider was founded in 1991 by Corey Augenstein as both an information / resource and watchdog publication on MLM. Due to his tenacity, John Milton Fogg referred to him as the "Ralph Nader" of MLM. In 1995 Corey along with Len Clements published "The Definitive Guide to Understanding Network Marketing Compensation Plans"

Corey produced "How to Conduct a Proper Due-Diligence on a Network Marketing Opportunity". MLM Insider Online was started in 1995 and has been;

"The leading and definitive source of network marketing information for millions of prospects and network marketers around the world"

If you are looking for Resources on the business of network marketing you have come to the right place as we have the largest database of Support Resources on the entire web as well as Listings of Hundreds of MLM Companies.


Corey Augenstein

MLM Insider Editor-in-chief