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One of the keys to success in business, and particularly network marketing, is duplicity your ability to reproduce your effort through others. You cannot do everything yourself and you need to be able to rely on others to produce results. MLM Institute builds duplicity. We offer training tools aimed at bringing your management, staff and distributors onto the same page. Our goal is to have your team acting in concert and unison, pulling in the same direction towards a common goal the organizations goal. This is accomplished through our offering of industry materials and the ensuing tests on those materials. When your management, staff and distributors receive passing grades on the material, you know that they have an understanding of your organizational concepts, direction and methodology. Within MLM Institute, we have a number of existing training materials as well as tests on those materials. You may, for example, want everyone within your organization to have an understanding of what a Binary pay plan is before you launch that plan type. A standardized tutorial and testing regimen is available out of the box for teaching your team about a Binary plan and then testing them on what they have learned.Beyond tutorials and tests that come with the system, we can setup any custom lessons and accompanying tests that you would like to use for your company.

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