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SalesPak: The Digital Catalogue Presenter

SalesPak is a sales management app that allows your sales representatives to present your catalogue of products and keep up-to-date with prices, stock levels and customer information all from one easy-to-use iPad app. The digital catalogue software integrates seamlessly with your back office processes to create a slick order management system that adjusts according to the customer.

SalesPak increases productivity by automating many repetitive tasks and minimises error with order parameters that you can customise for each sales rep. Data and KPIs are visualised on the users dashboard to easily track their own and their team’s success. Communication is quick and simple with a bulletin feature that allows you to instantly send a message to all your field reps.

Put simply: SalesPak is an app for sales reps, which displays product images and information, and allows orders to be placed. Orders sync straight to the back office, and are confirmed by getting the customer’s signature right on the iPad with our Sign-on-Glass feature. It couldn’t be a more simple and professional order management system, perfect for trade shows.

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