Naxum Online Marketing Services, LLC


Naxum Online Marketing Services, LLC
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Naxum provides "Technology To Unleash The Magical Power Of Your Referral Marketing"

We are known for providing both robust S.P.E.E.D. Marketing systems and fully integrated commissions tracking and shopping platforms we call UNIFY. 

A brief list of our modules include:


Autoship Billing

Capture Pages

COOP Management Systems

Commission Payment Systems

Matrix Commissions

Binary Commissions

Passup Commissions

Unilevel Commissions

Break-Away Commissions

CRM Contact Manager

Live Chat

Mobile Platforms

Multi-Language Modules

Replicates Sites

Replicated Webinars

Shopping Carts

SMS Texting

Social Media Blog Poster

Facebook APPs

Support Suites

Team Training Systems

Video Email Platforms


  • Other
  • MLM Start-Up A to Z
  • Management
  • Distributor Tracking/Genealogy
  • Ecommerce
  • Web Site Design
  • Distributor Web Sites
  • Company Web Sites
  • Compensation Plan Software
  • Affiliate Marketing Software
  • Lead Capture Software

PO Box 1566, Cypress, Texas 77410 United States


(713) 867-7999

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