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MultiSoft Corporation is a premier provider of corporate management software for network marketing and direct selling companies. Engineering software since 1987, we know what it takes to launch a startup as well as support an established industry veteran. We offer both cutting-edge online software, as well as traditional desktop based solutions. Our systems are not predicated on providing bare minimum functionality and then targeting our clients for upsells. Instead, we provide all functionality required to run a company "out of the box" - distributor management, genealogies, commission calculations, reporting, etc. We understand that the world of Network Marketing is constantly changing and we will customize any of our systems to accommodate new methods and technologies on client request. Free full-featured MarketPowerPRO completely free for 72 hours, go to


MultiSoft offers a variety of different consulting options based on your needs. From Initial Consultations to Basic Packages, Retainer programs, Additional Onsite Consultation days, even a Complete Start-Up Package.

The “Complete Start-Up Package” includes an in-depth company review with recommendations and consultation on all aspects of the company — from operations to field promotion, pre-launch, fast-start and distributor training programs. The “Complete Start-up Package” includes the formulation of a “Distributor Compensation Plan” customized to fit your budget, product or service pricing and will include suggested titles, qualifications, benefits and bonus percentages. At the end of a Complete Start-Up Package, you’ll have received all the information you need to successfully launch your new Network Marketing or Direct Selling company.

Multisoft has offices around the globe to provide support by live Multisoft staff 24 hours a day. Please visit our main office in Cape Coral, FL or one of our offices in Asia.

Manila - Multisoftware Asia, Rufino Tower STE 19B, 6784 Ayala Ave, Makati City, 1200 Philippines +632 856 9775.

Bangkok - MLM Corporate Co Ltd, One Pacific Tower STE 1405, Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok 10110 Thailand +66 888 750 538


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1723 SE 47th Terrace, Cape Coral, Florida 33904 United States


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