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Technology has changed the direct selling industry forever. What once used to take large staffs to manually calculate, track, and manage, is now done more efficiently and effectively with flexible technology-based solutions. In today's world of over-energized competition, the improved probability of your success requires you to leverage every advantage you can. InfoTrax Systems is a software solutions company that provides everything you need to manage your direct sales organization. As attested to by our customers, InfoTrax Systems provides an MLM software and services solution that allows you to better understand your downline distribution network, increase their confidence in your relationship, and helps you establish a way of doing business that allows you to maintain a better, more successful relationship with your ever-changing base of distributors. Whether you are a start-up multi-level marketing company, a growing party-plan business, a distributor, or one of the direct-selling industry giants, your ability to grow and prosper is dependent on your ability to manage your business. We invite you to examine our MLM software and network marketing products and services and the value they can provide to your business.

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