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Dale Calvert has been involved in the Network marketing industry since the age of 20. Dale not only talks the talk, he walks the walk. From 1994 - 1998 Dale and his leadership team developed an organization of over 60,000 distributors and $120 Million $$$ in wholesale product sales. Dale is know throughout the industry for his unified, duplicatable training systems and programs, including “Confessions of a Network Marketing Millionaire” & “The Power of a Dream”. Dales rags to riches Success Story has been featured in every industry publications. He also has shared with the MLM world his special insight into the industry in countless number of articles which he has written. His site receives thousands of hits daily. When asked what his greatest accomplishment has been in his career, he didn’t mention his homes, cars, or the other benefits and financial rewards which he has earned. his answer was quite simple... I see people better than they are, and in so doing a few become that which I believe them to be; I believe most people die, never reaching their greatness, never tapping the God given skills and talents which they have been given. I believe that if people develop themselves first, the income and lifestyle this industry offers will flow to them; This industry has allowed me the opportunity to help many people grow, learn, develop and become better than they were before I met them. Being able to play a small part in the success of others is my greatest accomplishment.

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