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Mark Davis
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Mark Davis is an international speaker, trainer and social entrepreneur whose passion is to inspire people to communicate.

He has two bestselling books on public speaking available Mark Davis on Amazon

Mark’s background and passion lies in speaking and training, helping people to develop and connect with like-minded individuals. During Mark’s speaking and training career, he has:

  • Spoken in over a dozen countries
  • Led classroom training with translation
  • Written books, training resources and assessments in the Vocational Education sector
  • Developed online strategies for key networking leaders
  • Built communities within organisations in the profit and non-profit sectors
  • Become an internationally-renowned speaker and travelling life coach
  • Conducted public speaking, social media and internet marketing workshops since 2000 across Asia, North America, Europe and Australasia.

Mark is also passionate about coaching, travelling and making a positive social impact.

Mark has helped Australian communities across the nation gain access to jobs, quality training, and fresh food when they need it most through not-for-profit partnerships. He’s used his experience in developing and growing initiatives in Victoria, South Australia and Queensland to launch multiple projects across the world to meet various community needs.

Mark resides in Australia, writing, speaking and working on new projects.

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