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Michael L. Sheffield is a qualified industry expert, certified by federal and state courts, for MLM and direct selling litigation cases!

As a much utilized MLM legal witness expert for more than 20 years, Michael L. Sheffield has given testimony in numerous litigation cases and is a highly experienced, nationally known expert witness with respect to the direct selling and MLM industry.

  • Recognized and Used by Leading MLM Attorneys as Expert Witness
  • Qualified as Industry Expert by Federal and State Courts
  • Chairman of Industry Trade Association (MLMIA)
  • Compensation Plan Analyst
  • Damages Analyst
  • Knowledgeable as to Industry Standards
  • Education of Trial Council on Industry Issues
  • Founder and Trainer of Academic Professors at University of Texas
  • Institute for the Research of Network Marketing
  • Mr. Sheffield has a high degree of experience and a complete understanding of the complexities of the Direct Selling and MLM/Network Marketing Industry. 

His firm has developed a system utilizing statistical models related to MLM growth and decline to analysis MLM growth ratios and economic implications and to assess projected damages. Mr. Sheffield is available for jury trial, arbitration and mediation.

  • Company Representation
  • Distributor Representation
  • Termination Issues
  • Product Liability Claims
  • FDA Issues
  • FTC Issues
  • Legal Issues
  • Governmental

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