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No Excuses Summit
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Hi, I’m Ferny Ceballos and I’m the Co-Founder of the No Excuses Summit. When I got started in network marketing 8 years ago, I struggled for an entire year, unable to make money or sponsor people, constantly dealt with rejection and criticism from my friends and family for being involved in one of those “pyramid things”, especially given my background as an MIT educated engineer. Then one day, I discovered a unique method for recruiting and selling on auto-pilot using the internet, which transformed my life and income forever. Two years later, I was able to quit a job I hated, grow my business to 7-figures and today I devote my life to helping ALL home business entrepreneurs build automated systems for growing their incomes online. Organizing the No Excuses Summit each and every year, is my way of paying it forward by bringing together the world’s top experts, trainers and top earners, in a safe and intimate ‘no pitch’ format for entrepreneurs to learn from, interact and directly network with these 6-figure, 7-figure and 8-figure earners. Ferny Ceballos (left) and Raymond Fong (right) are the co-creators of the No Excuses Summit, an annual mega live event bringing together network marketing’s and internet marketing’s ‘all star’ top producers, in a safe and intimate ‘no pitch’ format for entrepreneurs to learn from, interact and network directly with speakers and industry top earners in attendance. Ray and Ferny are former engineers turned networker marketers and internet marketers, who have taken the industry by storm being the first to introduce Search Engine Optimization as a viable lead & traffic strategy for home business owners. They have been paid multiple 6-figures for consulting by Magnetic Sponsoring,, CarbonCopyPRO, PRO U, The Elevation Group, BetterNetworker and many leading companies and leaders in the industry.

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5211 Washington Blvd, #2-110, Commerce, California 90040 United States


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