David Klaybor - (Captain)


David Klaybor - (Captain)
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Your "insider" knowledge could earn a special person a 6-figure income for LIFE with your referral !

Our Veteran/Older/very experienced Direct Sales Leadership Group seeks to RE-BUILD one last ... Failing /Flat NWMing Company

We will review only MLM Operations with DECLINING SALES each month that are potential candidates for us to: Partner-with - Merge - Buy - (or form some kind of Alliance)

- we will investigate the company for it's flaws .. diagnose it's weaknesses .. then "RE-DESIGN" the operation making the required improvements that are holding the Company back from Growing .. we will adjust the product-mix... ADD World-Class Training.. edit the comp plan as necessary to help the "normal-mortal" distributor.. we will also dramatically improve the: Customer Service Dept.. all the Sales Tools.. the Web Presence .. and create a super-brilliant mega-amazing Company STORYLINE .. we will add a simple Lead-Generation / Closing System that is Duplicateable ... and then REBUILD / GROW SALES to $5-10-20M/month this decade....

- we do not seek Consulting work (although a few very special projects do slip through)

- we do not seek more than ONE Unique Operation to Save / Rejuvenate

- we prefer Wellness - but are open-minded to other themes

- we prefer uni-level .. but are open-minded to other comp plans


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P.O. Box 2747, San Bernardino Mountains in Sunny Southern Calif, Lake Arrowhead, California 92352 United States


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