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Now in business for nearly 30 years, the Marketshare Group of companies continues to thrive, offering innovative direct marketing products and services designed to support, and enhance, the profitability of their card pack advertisers and list services clients. With 8 different card pack titles totaling 10.3 million annual circulation, plus an extensive menu of list services, the Marketshare Group offers solutions to many direct marketing needs.

A card pack consists of a group of advertisers, each with their own 3.5" x 5" direct response card, mailed to a consumer's home address. Cards are stacked side by side, and oftentimes there are also pre-printed advertiser insert pieces riding at the top of the two stacks and/or at the bottom of the stacks. Unlike coupon mailers that are also mailed to consumers at their homes with the primary purpose to drive retail traffic, card packs are not mailed in an envelope to every household address in a small geographic area. Instead, all of the individual cards and insert pieces are mailed together in a 5" x 8" paper/poly opaque wrap to select consumer addresses nationwide. In fact, The Marketshare Group card packs target consumers by their hobby interest or lifestyle, so addresses are carefully chosen from reputable list sources based on a recent mail order purchase. For example, the January issue of our gardening card pack, The American Gardener Response Pack, is mailed to 500,000 mail order buyers of gardening-related products, seeds, Nursery stock and publications. Consumers can easily respond to offers for information, catalogs or magazine subscriptions by mailing the card back to the advertiser. Consumers can also be directed to respond by phone, or by visiting a website.

Marketshare Group was the first company to mail a card pack to a consumer at their home address back in 1985. Today the company maintains its position as the largest card pack advertising provider in the country with 8 different hobbyist titles mailing over 10.3 million card packs annually.

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