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With 20 years of service in network marketing, Ed Clemmons is distinguished as one of the foremost legal services providers in the industry today. His diverse experience and insight in the network marketing arena include work as both an in-house counsel for a large network marketing company, as well as years of service as a legal consultant to some of the largest multilevel marketing and direct selling companies throughout the United States and abroad.  As in-house counsel for a multilevel marketing company in the early 1980s, Mr. Clemmons was responsible for ensuring full compliance with the complex regulations governing multilevel marketing. This included review of corporate pro-motions, sales literature and all other documents prior to publication to make sure they complied with all MLM regulations and laws. His responsibilities also included registration of the company with the various state regulatory agencies and overseeing Distributor compliance with State and Federal regulations, as well as ensuring compliance with FTC and FDA regulations concerning the manufacturing and distribution of products. During his tenure, the company generated more than $50 million in sales. This invaluable hands-on corporate experience gives Mr. Clemmons an excellent understanding of the needs and challenges of your MLM operation.

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