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Thosuands Welcome Les Brown to LIMU’s International Convention
Published: Jan 18, 2017

Media Contact: Justo Nunez, The LIMU Company

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Thosuands Welcome Les Brown to LIMU’s International Convention

“You have greatness in you.”

For the thousands of entrepreneurs and aspiring business leaders in attendance at LIMU’s 2017 International Convention over the weekend, this New Year’s message from world renowned keynote speaker Les Brown delivered stirring personal motivation for LIMU Promoters building their businesses in 2017.

Brown delivered his rousing address on learned optimism and the importance of goal setting at the event in Fort Worth, Texas, LIMU’s first major corporate meeting of the year. In it, he laid out key elements that will help all LIMU Promoters embrace the personal responsibility and consistent action that will keep them in harmony with the company’s mantra of “Be More.”

“Who are you going to become?” Brown asked the large audience that filled the Fort Worth Convention Center. “If you take responsibility for yourself, you will develop a hunger to accomplish your dreams. You must make a radical change; you have to provide more service than you are paid for, and always give before you ask. Because the people that want to step into their greatness are hungry!”

Brown’s speech closed out two days of exciting presentations on the future of LIMU and its brand of Fucoidan-rich products, stories of success from its Promoters, rewards that included all-expense-paid vacations, and LIMU’s Annual Awards presented to its most successful leaders.

LIMU’s Founder, President and CEO Gary J. Raser hailed the weekend as a remarkable success, and a flawless introduction to the new year for a company that matches the enthusiasm for personal success that Les Brown himself espouses.

“Our Promoters are more excited than ever for 2017, telling us that this Convention was the best LIMU event ever,” Raser said. “I’ve known my friend Les Brown for almost 30 years, and I’ve honestly never seen him as animated and connected to an audience as he was with our LIMU Nation. It’s no wonder our Promoters are aiming high in 2017, because they know that with LIMU, greatness most definitely awaits them.”