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Something Great Just Got Better!
Published: May 02, 2018
By: Richard Brooke



Something Great Just Got Better!


COEUR D’ALENE, IDAHO – May 1, 2018

If you've been around the Network Marketing profession for a number of years you have most likely heard of this book. It's a book that many leaders from numerous companies use to aid in their personal recruiting, as well as building belief in the profession.

Past editions have featured "success stories" from leaders in various companies. Richard has decided that this new edition will not have any focused leader's stories.

"We wanted to make sure this edition was 100% generic so that any Network Marketer, regardless of company affiliation would be comfortable sharing it," said Mr. Brooke.

The new edition does a masterful job of explaining clearly and concisely what Network Marketing is, how it works, how the numbers can benefit you, and what it takes to have success. There are also new topics that focus on creating customer retention in your business as well as the difference between "earned income" vs. "asset income."

Mr. Brooke explains that The Four Year Career® is often used as a great "first look" tool that you can hand to anyone and just ask them to, "take a look." The book helps act as an ice breaker and helps educate prospective business partners on the profession of Network Marketing. "If you struggle connecting with people or with the fear of talking to prospects then The Four Year Career® is the perfect tool for you," says Richard.  

The proof really is in the results. There are leaders who consistently order bundles in the hundreds to use, not only in their personal business building efforts, but also with their team. Mr. Brooke added, "these books make fantastic belief building tools for new distributors."

There is also something very unique about The Four Year Career® that you may not be aware of and that is the ability to create a Custom Edition Four Year Career®.

Richard works with various teams from many different Network Marketing companies to help them develop a tool that is customized specifically for their team or perhaps even their entire company. Custom editions include Richard's Four Year Career® as the base and includes 10 featured stories from leaders within that team or specific company.

If you are interested in learning more about creating a custom edition for your team or company, you can contact Richard and his team at

"I am dedicated beyond measure to our movement of bringing honor, transparency, integrity, ethics, and respect to the Network Marketing profession. That is why I created this book and why I need your help in spreading the word."  - Richard Bliss Brooke

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