M.Global, Jamberry and Avisae brands become BeneYOU
Published: Nov 14, 2018

Three world-class entities unite to form a powerful new company

LINDON, UT—November 13, 2018—The combined strengths of three iconic direct-sales companies are joined in the newly launched BeneYOU, LLC.

At the recent international convention for M.Global, it was announced that hydration powerhouse M, fashion and beauty giant Jamberry, and leading wellness company Avisae had joined to become BeneYOU, creating “a better you” for all involved. The move is the culmination of a series of strategic moves that have occurred throughout 2018, including M’s June acquisition of assets from Jamberry, and the recent welcoming of Utah-based Avisae and its industry-leading “love your gut” line of wellness products.

BeneYOU President/CEO Ryan Anderson identified the three primary areas of focus for the new company: wellness, beauty, and personal development. He stated, “As a relatively young company, we’ve made several strategic decisions during 2018 that position us for dynamic expansion and provide our Associates and Customers with personalized growth opportunities along with a product mix that offers a total approach to wellness and beauty. We love that this new company communicates our commitment to helping people around the world become ‘a better you.’”

Wentz Appointment as Chairman

Another exciting announcement made during the company’s convention was the appointment of Dave Wentz as board chairman of BeneYOU. Wentz is a household name in the direct-sales space, known for building USANA Health Sciences into a global, billion-dollar brand with a focus on science and high-quality standards in manufacturing. His principled leadership in the direct-sales industry is legendary, and his service as chairman of the Direct Selling Association (DSA) Board of Directors and chairman of the Direct Selling Education Foundation are evidence of his strong influence.

“I’m excited to join the team at BeneYOU!” said Wentz. “Our synergistic product mix — coupled with an individualized approach to wellness and entrepreneurship — presents us with the opportunity to become a powerful force in evolving the direct-sales industry in the new gig economy.”

Anderson said Wentz welcomed the opportunity to be part of BeneYOU because of his belief in the company’s mission, and its products and its people. “Dave is an innovative business leader with an unparalleled combination of vision, product focus and extensive industry experience,” Anderson noted.

“There’s no question that Dave’s experience and business savvy will help lead BeneYOU to the next level of international growth and success. The impact of his addition to our board cannot be measured.”


BeneYOU welcomes the partnership with Avisae, an emerging health-and-wellness company with a product line focused on gut health. The combination helps to round out BeneYOU’s nutritional offering, and it brings some exceptional leadership and experience to the table.

“More and more, scientific research is confirming the absolute necessity of strong gut health to ensure overall physical and mental wellness,” explained Anderson. “Avisae has taken a forward-thinking approach to gut health by developing a line of products that foster the growth of a healthy microbiome and enhancing gut function. In addition to its stellar line of wellness products, Anderson noted that Avisae brings a comprehensive I.T. platform that will help facilitate the continued global growth of the joined companies.

Additionally, BeneYOU will benefit from the expertise of Avisae founders Brooks Yates and Brent Ririe to the company’s leadership ranks. These direct-sales executives are known as industry leaders with extremely successful track records, based on their business acumen, expertise with technology, and deep industry experience. Anderson noted that Yates will serve as the company’s executive vice president of I.T. and Finance, while Ririe will engage his skills and experience to drive business activity as a top field leader.

In Conclusion

Anderson said that although the corporate name will change, the existing brand names for each product line will remain the same. For the immediate future, BeneYOU will also retain the websites for each product line.

To accommodate the needs of the expanding company, BeneYOU has begun moving into a new, 40,000-square-foot office space in Lindon, Utah, consolidating all operations, including corporate staff, customer service and warehouse and shipping to one state-of-the art location.

About BeneYOU

BeneYOU encompasses the strengths and passions of three different brands: M.Global, Jamberry and Avisae. The company offers a complete line of nutritional products that support a total approach to health and wellness, from the inside out. In addition to its line of hydration products, BeneYOU offers personal-care and beauty products and a “love your gut” line of products for optimal wellness.


Dave Webb