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Internet LEGEND Dave Lear Comes Out Of Early Retirement
Published: Mar 11, 2017
By: Alexia Beech

Scrolling Down Through Facebook I see a video with a short Description  "It's That Time..." 
That's It. Simple. Looking closer at the image I realize It's Internet Rockstar DAVE LEAR, Many of his followers 
may remember him working close with Wallace Nuanez, as the leaders who sparked the growth of hundreds of thousands
of people In Just a few short weeks, over and over again, during the past 15 years.
While He's responsible for the introduction of thousands to the network marketing industry;
Recently, His Online Persona Had Dimmed to nearly nothing as reports of him taking an Early Retirement

On a brief call with Dave Earlier this week He Shook his head and stated

"I just couldn't find any businesses that excited me anymore, I see so many Companies making the
same foolish choices that hinder their business.  If they were to just make a few tweaks in some cases it could turn
the company into something that had Impact and could really help people create real success"

Dave doesn't just make these claims he's proven what is possible with the launch of his
tools and training company in 2015. In The First 6 weeks, the company Grossed 250,000 in sales
of which, more than half was reportedly paid out to its members.

"I had company owners calling me asking, "Dave, what are you doing? I've never seen anything grow so fast"
 Giving People what they want! That's what!"

It looks like he's at it again! His Recent Post Explains that what he is about to do, with his selected company, can "directly benefit you"
We asked Dave what sparked his attention back toward the industry and what Made him Choose the company he did. He explained how he has always had a passion to help people achieve financial freedom but there was something more this time. This time he watched as his fiance selected a company and was seeing real results. 

She has been able to build decent teams in the past that would NET her 20k-30k per year but when she hit the 6 figure mark it sparked something in me
It Sparked Belief! Could this really be so unique that we could inspire freedom in the lives of others for the long term.  As I took a closer look I realized If I didn't take action on this I would grow to regret it. So Here we are!

It will be interesting to see what unfolds for the young couple.
You can follow Dave and Jordan on Facebook or you can see the Video that started it all by clicking below