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Published: May 07, 2018

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MLM Insider Newsletter Volume 31 Issue 10





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3. Article:  Castle Built on Sand Challenges and Opportunitys for Network Marketing for Network Marketing in China  
Video Training: A 7-Minute Mini Seminar on Closing in MLM: by Eric Woree



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1. Two USANA Executives Honored by Utah Business Magazine

2. ARIIX Honored with Six Distinguished International CEO Awards

3. Herbalife Continues Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

4. Youngevity Acquires FreeLife & L'dara Through Acquisition of Sorvana International

5. Perfectly Posh FDA Warning Letter



A Castle Built on Sand: Challenges and
Opportunities for Network Marketing in China

By Mark Schaub, Atticus Zhao and David Hong

China is the promised land for many international Network Marketing companies.

China has what Network Marketing companies thrive on: consumers – 1.4 billion of them; a fast-growing middle class of over 300 million – interested in upmarket goods but also open to opportunities; and finally, an exploding market appetite for Network Marketing-friendly products – dietary supplements, cosmetics and homeware are all experiencing double digit growth rates.

It is also helpful that international brands still dominate much of the market for these types of consumer products. Over 40% of Chinese customers favor international health brands and 9 out of the top 10 cosmetics companies in China are international.

However, it is very important to note that despite this opportunity network marketers do face real and serious challenges in China: Click to Continue Reading


A 7-Minute Mini Seminar on Closing in MLM




Name: Catherine Bangayan
Phone: (+63) 9064496540
Company: Vantage International
Region: Southeast Asian

Distributor Web Links:     
Description: Catherine Bangayan is a dynamic young lady that was mentored by an industry Icon. In 2016, she produced an organization of 134 personally sponsored and over 5,000 reps in her 10-level personal enrollment tree. She has mastered Social Media Marketing and is training young and veteran networkers how to build an organization through Social Media. 

She is building Vantage International because of their high-quality product line, brands people recognized (Kamiseta is 24 years old) and a lucrative compensation plan. Contact her on Facebook at


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